Economic & Environmental Benefits

Carsharing is a Win-Win

Help the Planet While Generating Revenue

Better for the Environment

Carsharing is Better for the Environment

Lower Co2

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One study found that carshare members reduce their carbon footprint by up to 1,600 pounds per year.

Less Traffic

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Analysis suggests that carsharing has taken between 90,000 to 130,000 vehicles off the road.

Reduced Noise Pollution

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Fewer cars reduce noise pollution’s impact on mental health.

More Usable Urban Space

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Personal cars sit in parking spaces for 95% of their lives. By reducing the need for parking spaces, carsharing frees up that space for housing, green space or additional eco-friendly mobility solutions.

Carsharing Saves Money For Your Business and Customers

Lower Building Costs

Many cities allow a reduction in required parking spaces for carsharing. Austin, Texas credits 20 spaces for every qualified carsharing vehicle provided. Developers can spend less on parking and more on functional space.

Cheaper Than Owning

According to AAA, car owners are faced with well over $9,000 a year in expenses when you add depreciation, finance, fuel, insurance, registration, taxes, maintenance, and tires.

Carshare users pay none of those costs while still having access to a car anytime they need it.

Access to More Vehicle Types

Quantum Mobility members have access to a range of premium vehicles to suit their needs, including sedans and SUVs, EVs, and even larger commercial vans for the heavy lifting.

EV Choices Without The Price Tag

Electric vehicles are still expensive car options. Carsharing introduces this eco-friendly option to more people without the hefty buy-in.

Time Is Valuable

With zero minutes spent on maintenance, cleaning, and other upkeep tasks, carshare users have more time to do the things they find important.

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