A Complete Low/No Cost Amenity For You

An Attractive Mobility Solution For Tenants and Employees

How’d you like to toss your current and prospective tenants or employees a set of car keys with their lease/job? Quantum Mobility allows you to give your guests, tenants, or employees access to a premium car, whenever they need one. All the while you reduce your building’s parking needs and gain a sought-after amenity that’s proven to increase member interest and significantly raise tenant/employee retention rates. With Quantum Mobility, you can offer Carsharing as an Amenity at almost no cost to you!

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How Quantum’s Carsharing System Works

Easy To Use App

Tenants/Employees simply download, register, and reserve a time with Quantum Mobility’s intuitive app.

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Management and Upkeep

Quantum Mobility takes care of all the vehicle management including: maintenance, cleaning and repairs.

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What About Insurance?

Both you and your tenants can drive easy knowing Quantum Mobility comes with auto insurance for members.

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Roadside Assistance Is Covered

Quantum Mobility offers 24/7 customer support and roadside assistance, everything from flat tires to mechanical issues.

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Quantum’s Value Adding Benefits

An Amenity Your Customers Want

Offering your tenants/employees exclusive carsharing options gives you an almost no-cost way to attract and retain tenants by offering a valuable amenity.

Revenue Sharing Opportunity

Take part in our community revenue share program. Quantum Mobility handles the fleet, app, maintenance, and insurance. You provide the parking spaces.

Positive Environmental Action

Carsharing reduces traffic congestion, frees up parking spaces, and reduces emissions. Your business can contribute to cleaner air, more usable land for people, and housing.

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