Fee Schedule

Fee NameFee AmountDescription
Unauthorized Driver$250Allowing anyone other than yourself to drive the Quantum Mobility vehicle during your rental.
Shared Login$250Providing your login sign-in/password to any third party.
Abandoned Vehicle$250 + additional relocation chargesVehicle left away from the home location, either intentionally or unintentionally.
Improper Return$100Vehicle is returned to the incorrect parking space within a garage or lot, lights are left on resulting in a dead battery, failure to plug the vehicle into the charger or any other instance where a vehicle is returned negligently or improperly.
Unsecured Vehicle$50After use of the vehicle, windows are not fully closed and/or doors are not locked.
Late Return$25You return vehicle after your reservation has expired preventing the next member’s reservation from starting. (Unless you are able to extend reservation without conflict)
Excessive Cleaning$250You fail to return vehicle in a clean condition for others to use. (For example, carpet or upholstery stains, odor or residue from smoking and substance, pet hairs, etc.)
Smoking$250You smoke, or permit others to smoke, in vehicle.
Illegal Substances$250Smoking or using any illegal drugs (or cannabis products) in vehicle is prohibited.
Illegal Activity$250Selling drugs from vehicle or using vehicle for any illegal activity is prohibited.
Unauthorized Activity$250If you engage in any of the “unauthorized activities” set forth and defined herein, you will be subject to penalties and potential termination of your access to Quantum Mobility vehicles.
Declined Payment$50Failure to have sufficient funds on your credit card to cover the usage fees or to cover any penalties or damage associated with your use of Quantum Mobility.
Parking TicketCost of Parking Ticket + $25 Processing FeeYou receive a parking ticket while you are using a Quantum Mobility vehicle.
TollsTotal cost of tolls per rental + $5 Processing FeeYou receive a toll fee while you are using a Quantum Mobility vehicle. (Members are allowed to use toll lanes at their own discretion, tolls are not included in cost of the trip)
FuelingCost of fuel + $25 Processing FeeFailure to return vehicle to home location with a full tank of fuel. (Members are responsible for fueling vehicles upon completion of rental. If vehicle does not have a full tank of gas at start of rental please notify support@qmcarsharing.com as soon as possible.)
Impound/TowCost of impound + $100 Processing FeeVehicle was towed and/or impounded due to member’s negligence. Additional fees may be incurred such are parking tickets, relocation fees, etc.
Moving ViolationCost of Ticket + $25 Processing FeeYou receive a ticket while you are driving a Quantum Mobility vehicle. Members must adhere to all local/state laws and are solely responsible for any moving violations incurred while using vehicle.
Excessive Mileage$0.53 per mileMembers are allowed to drive up to 200 miles per day. Exceeding 200 miles will result in a per mile fee for each additional mile traveled.

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