GPS Tracking and Location Consent


1) You have been informed of and consent to Quantum Mobility, LLC’s (“QM”) desire to gain access to your location via GPS tracking in the QM Vehicle, and your questions have been answered to your satisfaction. By agreeing to participate in this method of determining your location, you consent to the collection, use and sharing of your data (“Data”), generated by any tracking device (“Device”) of QM’s choice, to be utilized as QM deems necessary, including data describing QM Vehicle location and heading, as described in QM’s Privacy Policy.

2) You understand that the Device, QM’s active wireless connection to QM’s systems, the QM Vehicle software and the Data constitute the sole and exclusive property of QM.

3) You understand that altering, disconnecting, removing or tampering with the Device will be considered a violation of the QM Terms of Service. You may be liable for the cost to repair or replace the Device, and to repair or replace parts of the QM Vehicle if you tamper, alter, disconnect, or remove the Device from the QM Vehicle.

4) You understand that only QM or its authorized representatives, are permitted to perform maintenance on the Device or any of its components, including the QM Vehicle software and Data. Should maintenance or repair to be the Device or any of its components be required, you consent to QM’s access of the QM Vehicle.

NOTICE: Do not sign this GPS Tracking and Location Information Consent (“Consent”) without reading it first. By signing below, you acknowledge that you have been given the opportunity to read this Consent prior to signing it and have had any questions regarding the Device answered to your satisfaction. This Consent is hereby incorporated by reference into QM’s Terms of Service.

Signature: _____________________

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